Mobile Near Field Communication

Connecting Your Application


NFC applications including a whole new range of business solutions


Applications Benefits

NFC enabled mobile phones with the appropriate applications provide consumers with a whole range of new value added services, making every day tasks simpler than ever. For service providers it opens up a whole range of new services and opportunities to improve the business and get closer to costumers.


This contactless technology offers already convenient solutions in the transporting and payment industry. Integrated with the twenty first century mobile phone the NFC technology is extended to provide mobile contactless services solutions. Mobile phone users using NFC are able to securely purchase goods, top-up their transport pass and use coupons just by using their mobile phone in a contactless mode.


NFC can be used in a diverse array of industries with mobile staff, mobile assets, or multiple sites and locations. The key benefits of NFC technology with mobile handset include the following:


Always available

As people have their mobile handsets always with them , its seems reasonable to provide a service which is can be used anytime. All it needs is another NFC enabled phone, tag or terminal.


Convenient and simple to use

Just touch and enjoy! It has never been easier to activate a service, pay for something or just get information to your phone. NFC technology lets you use your mobile phone as a travel ticket – just touch and ride. Visit your favorite websites, make phone calls, or send text messages just by tapping your mobile phone to service shortcut tags. Explore mobile services like news, weather, and travel timetables by touching your mobile phone to posters embedded with service shortcut tags.


Easy to deploy

NFC technology needs only a few or almost no changes in the overall business architecture. In the technological point of view the Costumers will be provided with their own NFC handsets, the only investment needed is on the frontend side from the service providers which want to make use of this new technology.



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