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The Near Field Communication (NFC) is probably the most important and most inquired technology in the world of next generation mobile communication and applications. In this article we summarize the most important trials what were involved in researching and deploying applications based on this form of contactless communication. We will try to update this material continuously.


One of the first trials was launched by Motorola in partnership with MasterCard in October of 2004, in USA. The Motorola mobile phones were equipped with MasterCard PayPass and NFC technology, this way the phone became a wallet, and could include applications such as contactless ticketing or payment solutions. Now in 2008 MasterCard announced an another trial in Canada, using the NFC enabled mobile phones and a PayPass equipped merchant. This way the customer can make contactless payment at more then 109 000 merchants all over in Canada.


In 2005 in Atlanta a group of companies launched an advanced trial for NFC enabled mobile phones. Cingular Wireless provided the digital wireless network, this way the users are able to download mobile content from a poster supplied with an NFC tag. The mobile phone used this time was the Nokia 3220 equipped with Philips' NFC semiconductor chips and ViVOtech software near a secure terminal.


The same year in city of Caen , France was started a large scale trial, which involved Philips, Samsung, France Telecom R&D and Orange. The study was started to demonstrate the NFC technology in retail payments, tourist services, parking facility ticketing and how to get various information from active posters.


One of the key stakeholders Nokia who was deeply involved in expansion of NFC technology, launched a trial in China, Xiamen in 2006. The mobile phones used at thi trials were also the NFC enabled Nokia 3220.The reader or terminal was a Xiamen E-Tong Card compatible with Mifare. In addition the users could check their card balance and the last nine transaction.


In 2007 more focus has generated more trials around NFC technologies. France-based Veolia Transport announced a six month trial, during this time users can travel using their Nokia mobile phone (in prepaid system) on buses between Marseille and Aubagne and on buses serving Aubagne. NFC also was tested in Paris Metro, runed by RATP.


Also in 2007 in Frankfurt the RMV (Rhine Main Transport Association) equipped all bus, tram and train stops with Con-Tags, which work as NFC transmitters. This way users can get departure stop information to any NFC enable mobile phone (via RFID), or from a menu the users can choose the type of ticket what they want (via internet).


All these trials conclude the fact that with the development of NFC technology, mobile phone becomes a safe, convenient, speedy and fashionable payment instrument. The presented and the futures trials try to improve and widen the utilization of this new technology.



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