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Our Services and Solutions

Our company provides leading software solutions and services that empowers businesses across all industries to achieve competitive advantage from Near Field Communication (NFC) and wireless mobile technologies. We offer you NFC software design and development, TAG programming, complete applications, end to end system integration and consulting services in the field of NFC. Our service and solutions cover the process all the way along to create a functional system from a business logic , independent of its size or complexity.


NFC Device Support

We support basically all Java and NFC enabled Mobile Phones currently on the market, due to common implementation of the java virtual machine and specific JSR’s with special emphasis on the Noki 6131 NFC and Nokia 6121 NFC handsets.


Interaction with all for all NFC-forum Mandated Tag formats (ISO 14443 A, B) is also supported from leading manufacturers such as NXP semiconductors and Innovision Group.



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If you have any NFC related idea, we gladly help you to make it happen.
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